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Cold email just got personal with Glintify. You can create hundreds of hyper-personalized videos in minutes, boosting engagement and results.

The Secret to Cold Emails That Get Replies

You spend time and effort creating the perfect cold email, hit send… and nothing. 

Another generic cold email was lost in an overflowing inbox. Your prospects barely glance at it before hitting delete.

The truth is, most cold emails are boring, impersonal, and forgettable. 

Why? Because they fail to build a connection with your prospect.

Top-performing sales teams are NOT relying on boring, easily ignored emails. 

They’re using personalized videos to capture attention and build authentic connections.


Glintify - A New Era of Hyper-Personalized Outreach

Your prospect opens your email, not to another wall of text, but to a video thumbnail.

They see you – not a stock photo – speaking directly to them, with their own website playing in the background. 

That’s how you grab ATTENTION with Glintify.

Here's what you get with Glintify:

Personalized Videos

Turn one video into hundreds, each showing your lead’s website in the background. It’s like you visited their site personally, just for them.

7x Your Reply Rates

Personalized videos are proven to get more replies. Watch your open and click-through rates go off the chart.

Meeting Booking Made Easy

Guide prospects directly to scheduling a call, right from your video.

Data-Driven Insights

Track video views and engagement to refine your approach and improve results.

Simple pricing



200 hyper-personalized videos per month (~$0.2 /video)



400 hyper-personalized videos per month (~$0.18 /video)



1000 hyper-personalized videos per month (~$0.12 /video)

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